Privacy Policy

For further development and expansion, we need to have clear policies for our customers. The following are our policies.

Information privacy policy

They will only collect some of your information, such as your name, phone number, and shipping address. We have customer care software, and we will keep track of the times you pay. So for each milestone, the total amount you have spent with us, you will receive specific incentives.
We promise not to give it to third parties or anyone else with the information we have collected from you. All information is used to improve the quality of our services and products.

Loyalty policy

We will issue a loyalty card based on how much you have spent with us. This card stores your personal information along with your history of using our services and the total amount you have spent. All are here. So before you pay, give this card to our team to earn points!

Customer care policy

With the information we collect from you, we will send you a newsletter or email to notify you of our promotions. You know, if restaurants have promotions, customers would visit more often.
We may also send our customers and partners sure gifts on special occasions, such as birthdays, women’s holidays, company establishment, and more.

Delivery policy

We always strive to get your food to you as quickly as possible to ensure its freshness. For unexpected incidents such as a long-distance address, traffic jams, or something goes wrong, we will send you a notification.
Therefore, to ensure the taste of the dish, we only accept orders within 5 km from the store and will deliver to you within 1 hour. So please consider before using our delivery service!
We also have links to food ordering apps. You can also order food through these applications.

Refund policy

We will refund in case the food is spoiled by any problems or any negligence on our part. We will check and refund the customer within 2 working days.

Change of policies

We will not make any announcements for a change to either of these policies. So, please regularly visit and update our latest policy!